For businesses

This part of a recruitment agency website is typically where you find the most BS. A lot of buzzwords and phrases like "high calibre talent", "exclusive network", "market leading", "award winning", "the people business", "specialists", "expansive pools of passive candidates"... We could go on for quite some time. 

So, what do we do that's different? 

Firstly, we don't have KPIs- so everyone we put in front of you we do because we know they can do the job. 

Tell you about your employer brand in the market. When you meet with us, we'll have done our research- speaking to former or current employees about what they like about your business. 

We ask you for more of your time- when we take a job brief, we spend 4 hours with you and your team. We know time is your most valuable and only irreplaceable asset- and we know that if you can invest the 4 hours upfront to make us understand the role, KPIs, sales cycle, customer objections, client base, success stories and how you sell the company, you'll save much more than 4 hours when it comes to follow up briefs, wasted time interviewing and dodging our calls.  

Technology sales

We've placed hundreds of Inside Sales Representatives, Sales Development Representatives, Account Executives, Business Development Managers, Customer Success Managers, Account Managers and Directors. We know what works in a SaaS environment. We know some people can work in start ups, and others are suited to more established companies. 
We've also placed tens of Sales Managers, Leaders, VPs, Heads of, Commercial Directors and Revenue Leads. 

Contact Centre

We've placed hundreds of front line staff in contact centres- across inbound sales, outbound sales, customer service and other customer management roles. We've done low volume to high volume work in this space and are experts at detecting BS from would be employees in the process. 
We've placed tens of contact centre managers and directors too.