For businesses

Recruitmore began as a niche recruitment business servicing direct sales companies. We’ve expanded, and we now recruit sales people in 3 areas:

  • Direct sales & contact centre 
  • Technology sales
  • Media sales

Direct Sales & contact centre

You want to talk to us if you’re a direct sales business or a contact centre that’s struggling to get the right people in. You might be struggling with finding the volume of people you’re looking for, you could be struggling identifying the best people, you may struggle retaining the people you want, you may be struggling to train your internal staff or your processes might have more holes than a block of Swiss cheese… whatever your problem, we’ve heard it and felt it before.

We know your industry, we know your problems and we know how to work with you to achieve great results. Our confidence comes from first hand experience running direct sales businesses and recruiting for them for over 10 years.

So reach out… we’ll help you Stand Out.

Technology Sales

If your job title starts with “Chief” or “Head of”, or ends with “Sales”, “Director” or “Manager” and you’ve had trouble finding BDMs, AMs, SDRs, Sales Executives, Sales Consultants, Inside Sales people, Field Sales people, Sales Managers, Sales Directors, Channel Managers, Partner Managers or sales people by any other name… get in touch.

Our method here is simple. We take the time to understand your needs. We then put together a shortlist of candidates who we know you’ll want to speak with. We approach these people and act like normal people. A conversation ensues and we put our reputation on the line- with you and your potential employees- by arranging interviews. We then give direct and honest feedback… until we find the right person for your business.

Media Sales

As a Group Sales Director, Group Sales Manager or Head of Sales we know your time is precious. BDMs, AMs, GSMs who have the necessary background as well as a culture fit for your business don’t grow on trees. Typically they work hard for years before taking a call from one of our consultants.

Engage us and we’ll put our reputation on the line. We’ll listen to you, meet your team, then talk to the market. We’ll approach competitors, we’ll dive through databases and we’ll take calls out of hours to find the right people for you. In such a competitive environment we know the difference having the right person on board can make.