Job Seekers

Let's face it. 

Jobseekers traditionally have had terrible experiences with recruiters. 

Fake job ads. Being ghosted. Mismanaging expectations. Trying to force people to take a job. 

We can't help everyone get a job. But we do treat everyone with respect.

Pick up the phone, call us on 02 9188 1594 and follow up your application, or ask about a role. We'll help out where we can and be transparent where we can't. After all, Recruitment only works if it's without the BS. 

Direct Sales and Contact Centres

These sales openings are typically in a face to face or call centre environment. The face to face sales roles we work on are either for door to door, business to business or events based sales opportunities.  As we advertise for these positions, we firmly recommend you read the advertisement in detail! All information relating to commissions, client and type of job will be in there.

These are the “first sales job” of many people who have had long and successful careers in sales. They teach simple systems and give people exposure to presenting, closing and handling objections. Social people with a hospitality, customer service or retail background can take to these sales roles like ducks to water.

Technology sales

We work with companies big and small in the technology space- from start ups to enterprise level businesses. Our clients work across food, financial services, travel, data, they provide Saas solutions to businesses… 

For our latest opportunities in the technology space check out our most recent jobs section.

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