Why can't a Recruiter get me good candidates over the line?

Why can't a Recruiter get me good candidates over the line?

13 Jul 09:00 by Chris Davies


Over the years I’ve managed to develop some fantastic relationships with my clients, which in turn have managed to help hundreds of permanent and contract staff secure great fitting roles. This has meant my clients have gone someway to experience the growth and success they were hoping for when engaging my services. What I’ve found during this time is that there are 5 key areas that constitute to a mutually beneficial and healthy relationship between Client and Recruiter alike.

 1.    Effective communication

Sounds like a no brainer, but I can’t stress the importance of this enough. For a successful relationship I need to set out from the offset how I am are going to communicate with my client in order to get best results for both of us. For example, If I submit a prospective candidate, I’d hope to hear back from my client within 24 hours (at the latest) on the outcome. If not, why not?

 2.    Respect the recruiter’s judgement

Successful recruiters have normally plied their craft for a number of years before they can do this. However, a client and recruiter should both be given the ability to effectively assert their own views and fully listen to the views of others. I may have a client that feels the candidate isn’t a right fit, but if I have sat down and interviewed this candidate for 30 minutes to an hour and insist my client should seem them, in a good relationship they will see them. If I’m wrong after that, it's on me.

 3.    ASAP Feedback

Continuing from point 1, after interviewing candidates it is important I get feedback from the client at the earliest available opportunity. This may not be instant but really does need to be within 24 hours at the latest. For example, if your client liked a candidate, chances are that there are other businesses that also like this candidate. Feedback needs to come to move them through the process, whether they have been successful or unsuccessful, it doesn’t matter.

 4.    Streamline processes

This differs from role to role, but do you really need candidates to go through 7 stages of interviews before knowing if they are a good fit or not? Sales in particular is very competitive, when good candidates are available, I’m telling you now they won’t hold on to progress when your competitors have already offered them a role.

 5.    Administrate effectively

Get your approvals, letter of offer, contract issue processes fine-tuned. I know sometimes there is red tape that can hold things up, but a candidate never feels safe until they have something in writing in front of them. Remember your competitors have already offered them a role....

In Summary....

So if you're not getting the candidates you want over the line...sometimes...just maybe... its a case of "It's not me, It's you"