Is applying for a job too easy in 2020

Is applying for a job too easy in 2020

13 Jul 09:00 by Chris Davies


The above may sound strange, but I really think this might be the case. As a recruiter that works on entry level roles all the way up to senior management, I’m constantly seeing hundreds of applications with zero follow up.

For example, earlier this month I posted a senior role to LinkedIn and another job board where I have received 462 (and counting) applications for the one position. Now you might be wondering, why is a recruiter complaining about lots of applicants, surely that’s better? I’m not complaining in the slightest about a high volume of applicants, (whether you think they are all qualified applicants, I’ll let you ponder) but guess how many of those 462 people have followed up by phone, email or Linkedin message? I can tell you it has been just 6. Just over 1% of applicants have actually been in contact to find out if their application was received and/or to discuss the opportunity further.

You might think differently, but I see this as people doing themselves a real disservice. Whether you applied to a company directly or through a recruiter, by following up it shows you are someone who cares about the jobs you are applying for and want to invest your time learning more about it and pursuing it. People may argue that it takes effort to create a CV/Cover Letter/LinkedIn Profile, but in all honesty that is the bare minimum if you are looking for a job in 2020. You might think at entry level this is more prevalent, however I see it at every level which really baffles me. Applying for a job is a big deal so you need to treat it like it is. If you don’t, it is a lot less likely your application will be considered.

The point I’m trying to make is that you should always follow up your application within 2-3 days of submitting. Recruiters or talent acquisition teams are normally working to a very specific job brief, but there are occasions where you can be considered for other opportunities that may be more suited either right now, or at a later stage. Granted not every business will get back to you, but if you do not try, you will never know. Remember the follow up rate I mentioned earlier? You will make an impact by doing so. Next time you apply for a job if you haven’t heard anything in a couple of days get in touch, what’s the worst that could happen?