I got fired. You shouldn't.

I got fired. You shouldn't.

24 Jan 14:00 by Ben Cantrall



In a past professional life I got fired. Lee* my boss and very good friend called me and said “it’s best if you don’t come back in to work again.” Ouch. I didn’t have a leg to stand on so I took the medicine and moved on. 


On a very positive note I have not been fired by an employer since.


A few weeks ago I was having coffee with a very professionally successful friend of mine and we were talking about getting fired.


“Cans” (my nickname) he said… “I’ll always remember the advice I got from my boss when I started out in my first proper job”..


I know his boss. His boss is now the CEO of an international publicly listed business.


“Make sure that if they fire you, they’re going to have to call a long list of people who love you professionally and like you personally. And tell them that their favourite professional is no longer working with them”


I’ve thought about it a bit since then. While certainly not foolproof, the obvious point it makes is extremely valid and warrants considering, especially for people starting out in their professional careers.


Strong professional relationships are something that cannot be replaced and take time to build.


Working in recruitment every day I see how challenging it is for a business when a great performer with strong external and internal relationships leaves- for any reason.


I will say it is extremely difficult to build a long list of people who your boss would have to call if you don’t show up to work every day, and don’t do the technical part of job with competence.


For anyone wondering- I did actually get fired. Lee* is actually my very good friend. We now laugh about it from time to time and he calls me a bozo. If you’d like the juicy details of my sordid behavior just ask me when we’re chatting next. I’ll fill you in then.


*name has not been changed.