You know what really grinds my gears?

You know what really grinds my gears?

07 Jun 14:00 by Chris "DJ" Davies


As a candidate that is! 


Engaging with people on Linked these days is a common way to network and develop business. I personally do it daily, much like every other person in the sales and recruitment industry.


You can’t win them all, that’s a no-brainer in the industry. However, there is one element of Linked in that I’ve encountered a lot over the years and that’s varying approaches from other recruiters.


I will always do my very best to get back to anyone in my network that sends me a message asking if I’d like to talk about new opportunities. I really appreciate this, even if I’m happy within my current role. I will thank them for taking the time to send the message and let them know that it isn’t something I’d be interested in pursuing right now.


But do you know what really grinds my gears? (thank you Peter Griffin) It’s when I have let them know I am not interested how quickly the conversation goes cold and I receive no further interaction. It’s almost as if now they know I can’t make them any money immediately they have completely lost interest in concluding a conversation. Leaving it in a manner like this is not the way to go and will not win you any fans. If my situation did change guess who I won’t be getting in contact with? You got it, the person that abruptly stopped when they didn’t see me as immediate cash money $$$.


Business development is often a long-term project with some short-term wins. You never know when previous uninterested prospects might be in the market for a service/role and they will ALWAYS go back to the people that thanked them for their time and left it on a positive note even though there wasn’t an opportunity to work together right then.


Food for thought, always end a conversation leaving a good taste in the mouth, regardless of what the outcome for you is in the short term, you never know who your future candidates/clients are going to be.