Knocking on the door of paradise

Knocking on the door of paradise

14 Jun 15:00 by Tony Heaphy


How one lad left London and ended up on the shores of St Kilda.  

March 2006:

With a fairly successful hospitality career across the UK, Europe & Sydney (briefly), I found myself in Melbourne continuing on my quest to ‘live the dream’. Three weeks later; after getting minimal shifts (and even worse tips) in a flashy CBD bar, I had to find something else.

That something else was a door to door, commission only sales role; something I never even imagined doing let alone enjoying it.

After two challenging weeks, I had a choice to make;

1: Stick with it, get good and maybe start to believe the Managers that spoke about it being a career and having the chance to be here long term.

2: Quit; get a hospitality job and be comfortable, finish off the rest of my visa and go back to the UK. Work in the same bar, talking to the same people about my 12 month adventure on the other side of the world.

June 2019:

After 5 years of knocking on doors (100,000+) and 7+ years in recruitment, I find myself living my dream. I live 400 metres from the beach, have a healthy family, a great group of mates and still work in an industry that I love – yup, direct sales.

So next time someone tells you that direct sales isn’t a ‘real’ job or stick with what you know; maybe just step back, think about it first and remember don’t knock something (excuse the pun) until you have tried it!

Author- Tony Heaphy, The backpacker that ended up living the dream.