80,000 doors, 2 profanities and 1 story for another forum.

80,000 doors, 2 profanities and 1 story for another forum.

31 May 14:00 by Benjamin Cantrall


When I tell people that I did door to door, commission only sales for over 4 years, I usually receive similar reactions.

“was it terrible” to “I can’t believe you did that” and “were people horrible to you?”

Contrary to popular belief, I had an amazing time, made some decent money and learnt a lot about sales, people and sales management too. And of course all the suburbs in Sydney, Brisbane, Wollongong, the Gold Coast and a fair bit of Country NSW.

Since you all asked what I learned, these are the three points that stick out on the day I promised I’d write the first Recruitmore blog.

  1. Qualification is the most important step in sales! Controversial I know- some people tell me closing, some people say presenting- all important steps agreed- but for me, qualifying people is the most important one.  Where sales becomes challenging is when you invest time and energy in a particular person, or prospect, and that falls through. Qualifying prospects hard and early meant that I only spent my time, my only irreplaceable asset, with people who could buy my product.My most important qualifying criteria always, for sales at any level? That I can have an honest, open and two way conversation with the prospect.
  2. If you’re trying to convince someone to do it, you’ve already lost the sale. This is an easy one! Look for the prospects who can see the value and benefit in your product or service, and ask them if they want to buy! If it feels too hard or forced, it probably is. Time to move on.
  3. People interact with you based on the way you come across. I have knocked on over 80,000 doors. Twice I was told to “fuck off”, countless times I was invited inside for meals, countless times I played backyard cricket, on occasion I was propositioned (a story for another forum) and tens of thousands of times I had a laugh with the people I met.

Overall the experience I gained speaking to so many people has shaped my career so far. 12/10 would recommend.